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Improving the healthiness of retail food environments is multi-stakeholder work, and we acknowledge that different groups can play different roles in this process. Urgent actions to help make food retail healthier in the East Asia and Pacific region include:

  1. Undertaking research to understand the food retail environment in the EAP region and how it can be healthier.
  2. Working with retailers to promote healthy fresh foods in all types of outlets.
  3. Supporting governments to introduce and enforce legislation for healthier food retail environments.

As part of the RESHAPE project we have identified various opportunities for researchers, retailers, and policymakers / advocates to get involved and take action to promote healthier food environments in the region.

Check out the tips below to see how you can get involved!

How can you get involved?

Retail food outlets have a big influence on customer purchasing and diets through their critical role in shaping the availability and affordability of food and the way it is marketed.

Currently, unhealthy foods are highly available and heavily promoted through retail food environments, including supermarkets and convenience stores. Socially responsible food retailers are now taking actions to respond to this customer demand for healthier foods and harness the business opportunity that this presents. Our recent business brochure resource for ‘Food Retailers Creating Healthier Food Environments’ presents some examples of retailers taking actions towards healthier stores.

Are you a food retailer in East Asia and Pacific who cares about people’s health? We want to work with you to understand enablers and barriers and to support the implementation of healthy food practices in your stores! We offer a variety of potential activities for retailers to achieve healthier food retail outlets through our program of work, including:

  • Application of tools to identify opportunities for improvements on the healthiness of food stores.
  • Participation of co-design workshops to share knowledge and ideas, and to jointly identify options for healthier food retail.
  • Testing tailored initiatives for promoting healthier foods and drinks in stores within your business.
  • Support to develop or improve retail policies and practices to consider nutrition and health principles.

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High quality research is crucial to support changes in the retail food environments for people’s health.

Studies ranging from the understanding of the food retail context to the effectiveness of proposed healthy food initiatives should be the bricks to guide the food retail transformation we envisage and to identify gaps to be addressed. As part of our work, we want to collate the best evidence available to improve the healthiness of retail food environments in the East Asia and Pacific Region, which includes liaising with researchers working on this topic in the region. Are you a researcher / research team investigating the retail food environments in East Asia and Pacific region?

We want to have you on board the Hub and highlight your research!

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Long-term changes in the healthiness of retail food environments are more likely to be sustained through the development and implementation of policies, and when active voices are advocating for these changes.

We believe that by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing between policymakers, advocates, and researchers, we can create a strong network that drives positive transformation in retail food environments. This Hub is committed to ensuring that all the evidence we generate is accessible to policymakers and advocates working towards health promotion in the East Asia and Pacific region. As part of our aim to connect individuals who share the common goal of improving the healthiness of retail food environments in the East Asia and Pacific region, policymakers and advocates are welcome to join our discussions and contribute their experience. This can be achieved through the following avenues:

  • Attending our webinars and discussions on healthy food retail environments.
  • Accessing the resources available in this Hub.
  • Sharing updates on any current work aimed at promoting healthy food stores in the region.
  • Collaborating with our research studies and supporting engagement with key retailers interested in promoting change.

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Support healthier food environments

Interested to know how more about supporting the promotion of healthier food environments for all children in the Asia and Pacific region? Whether you’re a retailer, policymaker, researcher, or advocate, we have tips for getting involved and supporting the development of healthier food environments.

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