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What do we know about retail food environments in East Asia and Pacific Region?


This webinar, jointly convened by UNICEF and Deakin University, is the second webinar on urban retail food environments in the East Asia and Pacific region (EAPR). The first, held in November 2020, set out a research agenda for reshaping retail food environments to provide healthier food and drink to children. The second webinar focuses on the changing retail food environment in the region and presents the latest evidence on retail food markets, major players and consumer retail habits.

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28th June 2022 / 9.00-11.00 BKK

Webinar agenda

Past Events

Development of a research agenda for improving the healthiness of urban retail food environments in the East Asia and Pacific Region


This interactive webinar was conducted in November 2020 aimed to initiate the development of a research agenda to improve the urban retail food environment in the East Asia and Pacific Region. This workshop brought together a group of +30 international and regional researchers interested in urban food retail environments with UNICEF staff from country, regional and global offices working on nutrition and private sector engagement.

18th November 2020 / 9.00-12.00 BKK

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