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The Snapshot Series: Retail Initiatives from around the World

There are four primary methods through which retail environments influence diet and in turn can be altered to improve the healthiness of their environments:

  1. By selecting the range of food products available for sale.
  2. By deciding the placement of food products.
  3. By setting the price of food products and deciding which products are on price promotion (i.e. 30% off).
  4. By using promotional strategies to advertise particular food products.

As part of our aim to inspire and propose solutions for improving the healthiness of the retail food environments, we have collated examples of initiatives, that have been implemented around the world, using these four methods or combinations of these methods. While the search for healthy retail initiatives was not exhaustive, we hope that by providing a central hub for showcasing work within this area, retailers, researchers and policy makers with the EAP region will be inspired to take action to improve their own food environments.

We encourage you to explore the interactive map below, and click through to various highlighted initiatives to see a snapshot summary of work that has been done in this area.

Map of healthy retail initiatives



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List of healthy retail inititatives

Indonesian retailer adopts sugar labelling for beverages

Healthy Corner Store Initiative in the USA

British retailer restricts marketing of unhealthy food to children

Price parity pledge by Supermarket Retailer in the UK

UK Discount Supermarket takes action to support healthy diets

In-Store Marketing Strategies to Promote Healthier Purchases

Sugar Sweetened Beverage Price Increase in Australian Stores

Healthy Retail in US Tribally Owned Convenience Stores

The Supermarket Healthy Options Project in New Zealand

Healthy Eating for Life Supermarket Initiative

Healthy Store Options at Remote Indigenous Communities

Nudging healthier choices in the Netherlands

UK Supermarket supports healthy eating

Healthier store layouts – good for health and business

Multiple options for encouraging healthier purchases in UK

Healthy Checkouts in Dutch Supermarket Chain

Belgian retailer discounts healthy foods in loyalty program

Multicomponent Trial in Australian Supermarkets

UK Retailer Commits to Support Healthy Diets

Checkout & End of Aisle Changes in a large Australian retailer

Healthier Food for Less Strategy in American Supermarket

Healthy Food Strategy in Australian Rural Community Stores

UK Supermarket Healthy Checkout Policy

City of Berkeley Healthy Checkout Regulations

Fruit & Vegetable Promotion in Norway

Support healthier food environments

Interested to know how more about supporting the promotion of healthier food environments for all children in the Asia and Pacific region? Whether you’re a retailer, policymaker, researcher, or advocate, we have tips for getting involved and supporting the development of healthier food environments.

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