Healthy Food Retail in Asia and Pacific:
Evidence and Action Hub

A healthy retail food environment is one where healthy food is available, affordable, appealing and promoted in all types of retail stores

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The Healthy Food Retail in East Asia and Pacific: Evidence and Action Hub is a platform to connect those who share the common aim of improving the healthiness of retail food environments in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region and beyond.

Everyone has the right to healthy foods

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Overweight and obesity are increasing rapidly among people living in East Asia and the Pacific, including among children and adolescents. Unhealthy diets are one of the most important risk factors for the development of obesity and related chronic diseases.

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Retail food environments are all the places where people buy foods, including supermarkets, convenience stores, online groceries, wet markets and street food stalls. What food is available in retail food environments and how it is marketed has an important influence on what people buy and what they eat, ultimately influencing the diet and health of whole population.

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Unhealthy food is often prominent and heavily promoted in retail food outlets. Creating retail food environments that encourage customers to buy and eat healthier food is an important way of reversing the trends toward poor diets and their health consequences.

Together, we can make a healthier food environment for every child and their family living in Asia and the Pacific. Check it below for examples of actions for healthier stores. Join our efforts, and get in touch.

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